Carving 2014

CARVINGS completed 2014
Beech  Mouse Cheese Board (Beech) Beech  Grapes Cheese Board (beech) Views of grapes cheese board  Grapes Cheese Board Lime  Weasel in flight2
Life size Weasel  weasel in flight complete Close Encounter before wax  Hedgehoge (lime) unstained Close Encounter after wax  Hedgehog first colour Kingfisher (Beech)  Kingfisher (Beech)
Fairy Cottage door 1  Door Detail 1 Fairy Cottage door 2  Door detail 2 Fairy Cottage front  Cyprus Cottage front View Fairy Cottage back  Cyprus Cottage alterative Front view
Eucalyptus Owl  Eucalyptus owl in the making Owl  Eucalyptus Owl small sheep  Sheep (Beech) Ram n ewe
Kissing Goblins door  The Goblins Door alternative view  2 veiws of the Goblins Door goblin fairy door after reworking
Light pulls1  Light pulls page 1 Light pulls2  Light pulls page 2 Light pulls 3  light pulls page 3 Moutain Goat with attitude  Mountain goat with attitude
Alternative views of mountain goat  Mountain Goat with Attitude alternative views Relief carving of Dragon Original drawing by @ JenRhyssa28 Thores Hammer
desk tidy leaping Jaguarmounted  Processed with Moldiv Clock alternative view Oak Mouse Clock
small wood spirits 1 under construction wood spirits 2 Wood Spirits 3
Mouse R Mouse L Spec Rest Eucalyptus Spec Rest Pear
SR Mahogany Spec Rests Pear n Eucalyptus Goblin or fairy door3 Goblin or fairy door4
Snail Snail1