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Art with a Heart


Art with a Heart is a constituted not for profit organisation formed by Karen Wroe, Project Director in 2012.

The aim is for the Arts for the Community for the benefit for the Local Community.


Mission: To contribute to the regeneration of the Heart of Altrincham Town centre using the Arts by making art more accessible to a wider audience, supporting emerging artists irrespective of age, background, religion or culture and encouraging participation by the local community, societies, groups and schools in the deployment of programmed events.



West Riding Woodcarvers Association


West Riding Woodcarvers' Association.  We are a group of about 70 members who are all interested in
carving and related activities.  If you share our passion as a beginner or as an experienced carver, do come
and join us at one of our meetings if you live within reach of Huddersfield.


Jarabosky produce durable and timeless furniture of a contemporary design but with a traditional feel

thus having the ability to blend into any environment be it antique or modern. The level of surface

character can be stipulated from fine through to heavy.



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