Carvings 2016

Carvings this year
Box men  Box Men Lime & Tulip wood Isaacs pad start to finish  Isaacs'Pad Lime Isaacs Pad  Isaac's Pad South AmericanWallnut  South American Walnut Hearts
Dragons Eye Mini  Dragons Eye progress Lime Dragons Eye Mini.complete  Dragons Eye stained Dragons Eye Mini.complete1  Dragons Eye Bellas1  Bella's Lime
Bellas waxed  Bella's first wax Bellas waxed1  Bella's complete Celtic knot1  Celtic Knot Sapele Gnome E  Gnome
Gnome E1  Gnome cant hear ya Gnome1  Gnome 2 Gnome2  Gnome rear view Gnomes3  Gnomes the gang
Dragon 1  Dragon Lime Great uncle Willy  Great Uncle                     Willy Eckerslike. Lime Great uncle Detail  Great Uncle                     Willy Eckerslike views Specks snail  Speedy
Lord montague La Mollusk  Lord Montague La mollusk Lord montague La Mollusk2  Lord Montague La Mollusk 2 3 Generations of Ecerslike  Izy Willy  Izit    Out with the boys Sheep1  Sheep Lime
Sheep2  Sheep sheep  Sheep views Mice at play 2  Mice ( Lime ) Heart Mice   Heart Mice ( Lime)
MH2  Heart Mice 2 Oak leaves  Oak Leaves ( mahogany ) GM unwaxed  Green Man GM Misr1  Green Man Lime
misericord 1  Green Man Misericord Misericord 2  Green Man Misericord complete Medieval vine leaves  Medieval Vine Leaves      practice Medieval Rose  Medieval Rose            practice
GM V no wax  Vine Geen Man Lime GM V complete  Vine Green Man Stained GM vine1234  Vine Green Man             views Fairy Door1  Fairy Door Lime
Fairy Door2  Forest Fairy Door Lime Mouse Oak Clock1  Mouse Clock Oak L Mouse Oak Clock2  Mouse Clock R Mouse Clock Oak  Mouse clock Front View
Heart Knot2  Celtic Knot Heart Mahogany Stoat2  Stylised Stoat Oak Stoat4  Stylised Stoat stoat3  Stylised Stoat R
Snail Stick2  Snail Themed walking Stick Snail Stick1  Close up Snail Stick Snail Stick3  Snail Stick Cherry & Oak Mouse Right side  Mouse ( Cherry ) R
Mouse showing acorn Mouse Left side  Mouse ( Cherry ) L Mouse Rear  Mouse Rear Hearts walnut  Hearts with a heart
Celtic Knot 4  Celtic Knot side view Celtic Knot n  Celtic Knot plan view Green Man2  Green Man Mouse letter opener  Mouse Letter Opener R
Mouse letter opener1  Mouse Letter opener L Mouse letter opener2  Mouse Letter Opener Top View