Carvings 2015

Carvings this year
PH 2  Purple Heart (wood) Autumn  Autumn (Teak Leaves) Small Woodspirit  Wood Spirit (Cherry) 10 cm tall Wood Spirits  Wood Spirits (Cherry) 15cm tall
Inro O  Inro carved in Beech before staining Back Inro F  Inro front Inro Complete  The inro completed & stained Dark Oak Eucaliptus pigy  Eucalyptus Pig L
Eucaliptus pigy2  Eucalyptus Pig R G Snail  Snail in style of a woodspirit Right Rear G Snail 2  Snail Front Left (Beech) Mushroom Village 6  Mushroom village (Lime)
Badger4Edit  Badger (Lime) FOX3EDit  Mesmerised                 Fox (Lime) Owl 6EDit  Horned Owl (Lime) FOX OWL BADGER  Fox,Owl,Badger                 Triptych
Badger Gotcha  Gotcha Badger2  Gotcha alternate view Daydreamer  Day Dreamer HFB Triptich  Hedgehog,Fox,Badger Triptych
Mahogany Green Man1  Mahogany Green Man Mahogany Green Man 2  Green man (no Lighting) Ebony hearty  EbonyHeart Front Ebony Heart back  Ebony Heart Back
Styalised Ebony F  Ebony Tactile Form front Styalised Ebony B  Ebony Tactile Form back Annie Annie1
Fairy Cottage1 Fairy Cottage2 Purple Heartwood F with inlay  Purple Heart with Bronze insert Purple Heart wood B  Heart (Purple Heart Wood)
Purple Heartwood Stylised  Stylised Purple Heart with heart shaped hole Hearts collection Pearwood Heart Laburnum Heart
Hearts of gold Door number plaque Archie1 Archie2
Nude Hedgehogs Hedgehog Family1 Mouse1 Mouse3
Mouse4 Mouse Group Mouse2L Mouse3L
Mouse4L Goblin Door Bewarw Goblin Goblin Door3 Bats in thr bellfry1
Bats in the bellfry moonlight BADGER Close encounters of a Worm kind 1 Close Encounters of a Worm kind 2 Sophie
willy Eckerslike 1 willy Eckerslike 2 Lemmy Cyd